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Find you Fit

For most women finding your jean identity is not an easy task. In today’s society where denim has become an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. It is a MUST HAVE item for all seasons. It doesn’t matter if you are curvy, petite, straight or tall we will show you how to accent your best features, making you feel sexy but always comfortable.

Take 2 minutes and find your fit for life.

Find your fit

Where do you like your jeans to sit?

How tall are you?

Which Silhouette best describes you from the waist down?

  • Straight waist, slim hips and thighs

  • Proportioned from waist to thigh

  • Defined waist, fuller hips and thighs

How would describe your behind?

  • Less curvy

  • Proportional

  • Curvy

Which issue do you most encounter when trying on jeans?

  • Waist gaps in the back

  • Waist fits but does not flatter

  • Waist is too tight

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